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Ruth: A Life of Love and Loyalty

RuthCharles E. Fuller

122 pages – Paperback

Item # 940

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Price: $5.00

This reprint from The Old Fashioned Revival Hour brings a refreshing look into the depths and truths of the book of Ruth.  Re-charge your spiritual battery by gleaning afresh from the depths of this little book.

The Parables and Prophecies of Christ Explained

The Parables and Prophecies of Christ ExplainedJ.R. Graves

352 pages – Hardback

Item # 955

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Price: $10.00

“From a careful study of the parabolic and prophetic teachings of Christ, I am convinced that He designed to unfold to the understanding of His disciples the whole scheme of His redemption, from its inception onward through all its progressive stages and its mysteries…”

This in-depth study of great expositions into many of the parables of Christ from those illustrating the wiles and machinations of the devil to those illustrating Christ seeking, finding and redeeming a world is filled with helpful refreshing outlooks on this portion of the Scriptures. Be amazed at the thoughts procured from this study of parables on heaven, prayer and more.

Denominational Sermons

J. R. Graves, LL. D.

311 pages – Paperback

Item # 950

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Price: $8.00

Compiled in this reprint by pioneer Baptist Preacher and Theologian, J.R. Graves are five of his denominational books dealing with Baptism and Communion, and a final one on Conscience. Also inserted, are 20 pages of an article titled, “Are You a Friend of Jesus?” by C. H. Spurgeon. This powerful article deals with obedience and is based on John 15:14, “Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.”

The titles of the books contained herein are:

  • The Act of Christian Baptism
  • Christian Baptism, The Profession of the Faith of the Gospel
  • The Relation of Baptism to Salvation
  • The Lord’s Supper, A Church Ordinance
  • What is It To Eat and Drink Unworthily?
  • What is Conscience? Have You a Good Conscience?

John’s Baptism

John's BaptismJ.R. Graves

252 pages – Hardback

Item # 949

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Price: $10.00

In this book, Bro. Graves, asks and answers questions, such as: John’s Baptism, was it from Moses or Christ? Jewish or Christian? For four centuries, the Religious world has been divided between three Theories touching the place of John’s Ministry in the Development of the Redemptive Economy:

  1. It belonged to the Jewish Dispensation.
  2. It was an Intermediate Dispensation.
  3. It belonged to the Christian Dispensation.

A must read in understanding Scriptural Baptism.

Mr. World and Miss Church Member

Mr. World and Miss Church MemberW.S. Harris

350 pages – Hardback

Item # 947

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Price: $12.00

This allegory originally printed in 1900 is as appropriate for today’s world as it was then. If you enjoyed The Pilgrim’s Progress, you will find this to be another great book of vivid imagery, detailing the lives of two people on the path toward eternity. Experience with them the trials and testings along the road. See and feel the influence of the world and the devil in their daily struggles. Know for yourself that the persuasive pressures on the average church member have not changed. Get a deeper understanding of the Satanic powers that are at work to destroy the work of God.

The Trail of Blood

The Trail of BloodJ. M. Carroll

56 pages – Booklet

Item # 785

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Price: $1.00

Like the Bible, this is a bloody book because our Baptist history is marked with persecution and martyrdom. This brief history of the Bible believer’s faith is an excellent resource for those interested in Baptist Church history. A pull-out chart summarizes this trail.

The Surrendered Life

The Surrendered LifeJames H. McConkey

81 pages – Paperback

Item # 740

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Price: $2.00

From the pen of the author of the Three-Fold Secret of the Holy Spirit comes this excellent series of studies on the Surrendered Life. Learn what it means to live the surrendered life, how to live the surrendered life and discover the many blessings you will receive from having lived a surrendered life.

Close Communion and Baptists

Close Communion and BaptistsJ.H. Grime

107 pages – Paperback

Item # 886

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Price: $5.00

Restricted communion by the Baptists has long been a subject called in question by other denominations which practice open communion. Biblical baptism by immersion further separated the Baptists from other denominations and even caused a great wave of persecution, separating them from all other sects of believers.

Following the Bible and the belief of a close (or closed) Communion as opposed to an open Communion brought God’s blessing on the Baptist Churches in America and Wales in the late 1800′s.

Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon

Mrs. C.H. SpurgeonCharles Ray

119 pages – Paperback

Item # 665

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Price: $5.00

This is a book about Mrs. C.H. Spurgeon’s life of self sacrifice. Although she was a weak woman, her life was a brilliant example of what can be done through one who devotes their life to the service of the Master. Mrs. Spurgeon will live in the memory of all true Christians, not only as the wife of C. H. Spurgeon, but as the woman who found solace in suffering by ministering to the needs of others.

The Pilgrim’s Progress

The Pilgrim's ProgressJohn Bunyan

327 pages – Hardback

Item # 842

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Price: $20.00

Once regarded as required reading for every schoolchild, The Pilgrim’s Progress has been in print for over 300 years. Timeless and timely, Bunyan’s allegorical tale has been hailed the most widely read book in the English language other than the Bible. Follow the Pilgrim and his friends on their dangerous spiritual journey to the Celestial City, as they pass through many experiences common to us all and travel in triumph with the King.

The Soul Winner

The Soul WinnerC.H. Spurgeon

204 pages – Paperback

Item # 836

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Price: $5.00

“Winning souls is the chief business of the Christian minister and of every believer in Jesus,” writes Spurgeon. The most compelling preacher of the 1800’s, Spurgeon continues to challenge today’s believers. In this classic work, he gives you effective, encouraging instruction on how to share the news of the great commission.

Lectures to Young Men

Lectures to Young MenDaniel Smith

383 pages – Paperback

Item # 625

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Price: $7.00

Written over a century ago, the lectures contained in this book are still applicable to today’s young men. More than ever, Christian young men need to apply these truths and heed these admonitions to help them become mature men. This book offers common sense approaches and firm warnings to situations young men face. Recommended for both young and older men alike.

Sermons By the Devil

Sermons by the DevilW. S. Harris

304 pages – Paperback

Item # 710

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Price: $5.00

This book will outrage you afresh, as you will see how evil, hateful and murderous this hideous creature really is. You will readily understand that Satan is a liar and the father of lies. Read this book and take heed and understand that following Satan’s ways and rejecting Christ can damn men’s souls to hell forever.

Types and Emblems

Types and EmblemsC.H. Spurgeon

280 pages – Paperback

Item # 788

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Price: $6.00

This re-print of a great book by Charles Haddon Spurgeon will give you a deeper insight into the Bible through the great depth of the sermons he preaches.

Sergeant York

Sergeant YorkTom Skeyhill

240 pages – Paperback

Item # 862

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Price: $6.00

Read of the story of one of Americas most known War Heroes. Travel through his life to see how his faith in Christ preserved him through one of the hardest wars in our American history.

Have We No Rights?

Have We No Rights?Mabel Williamson

89 pages – Paperback

Item # 580

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Price: $5.00

We are a spoiled people, and we demand our so-called “rights.” This book, written by a missionary to China, explains how God has taught missionaries to think of others first – living by example the saying “denying self”. You don’t have to be preparing for the mission field to realize the value of this book. It is one of the most significant Christian books you will ever have the opportunity to read.

I Saw the Welsh Revival

I Saw the Welsh RevivalDave Matthews

154 pages – Paperback

Item # 600

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Price: $7.00

An eye witness account of the strangely wonderful visitation of God’s Spirit at the dawn of the 20th century in the country of Wales (1904-05). The revival was accompanied by the salvation of thousands of souls and a deep stirring among God’s people. The revival spirit burst from the churches, to the fields, across the Celtic borders and around the world. Its impact was universal and life changing.

The Price of A Cocoanut

The Price of a CocoanutStory of O. L. King

64 pages – Paperback

Item # 690

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Price: $2.00

The wonderful testimony of how God used the obedience of a small boy to make great things happen around the world. One of the greatest missionary messages ever given.

The Last of the Giants

The Last of the GiantsHarry Rimmer

284 pages – Paperback

Item # 620

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Price: $5.00

Three great men preaching to the loggers of Northern Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan around the 1900’s to the 1920’s. They were rough, tough, men of faith known as the “Apostles of the Pine”. They will inspire the child of God to get out of his comfort zone to reach sinners with the glorious Gospel of Christ.

Cross and Crown

Cross and CrownJ.B. McC., Jr.

619 pages – Hardback

Item # 543

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Price: $20.00

“The spectacle of human beings suffering for the truth is the sublimest sight that can be witnessed on earth. It was thus with Christianity in the days of the primitive Church, the history of which is an almost unbroken record of martyrdom….Let us then cherish the memory of these Saints.” You will be amazed and blessed to read of the heroics of the Vaudois in Italy, the Huguenots in France, and the English Martyrs in Great Britain.

The Compendium of Baptist History

Compendium of Baptist HistoryJ. A. Shackelford

320 pages – Hardback

Item # 539

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Price: $12.00

This reference book shows the origin and history of the Baptists from the days of the Apostles to the present time, enhanced with an original chart, giving a comparative view of some of the denominations of Christians. A must read for those wanting an accurate knowledge of church history.

The Writings of John Leland

The Writings of John LelandL.F. Greene

745 pages – Hardback

Item # 547

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Price: $20.00

The author was born near Boston in the year 1754. This volume chronicles his life and the happenings of his time period. It tells of his salvation at the age of 18, his conviction that turned him to preaching and teaching the word of God. It includes some of his sermons and letters, and hymns he wrote. This beautiful hard bound book will open your mind and heart to learn of a truly great man of God.

Baptist Encyclopedia (Two Volume Set)

Baptist EncyclopediaWilliam Cathcart

1,323 pages – Hardback

Item # 865

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Price: $50.00

The Baptist Encyclopedia is a Dictionary of the doctrines, ordinances, usages, confessions of faith, sufferings, labours, and successes, as well as the general history of the Baptist denomination in all lands. The editor has aimed to give biographical sketches of distinguished American and foreign Baptists in addition to an immense number of purely historical and doctrinal articles. Complete with some pictures, this is a must have for the serious student of Baptist history.

The Bible Makes Us Baptist

The Bible Makes Us BaptistsMary E. Bamford

351 pages – Paperback

Item # 530

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Price: $8.00

A real life account of an Anabaptist family in England running for their lives because of their faith in the Bible. This persecution takes place during the 1550’s by the hand of Rome. When you see how these Christians suffered, you will have a greater appreciation for the freedom we have today.

The Little Baptist

The Little BaptistJ. M. Martin

174 pages – Paperback

Item # 655

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Price: $5.00

This little book is a classic. It teaches the doctrines of the Gospel so fresh and precious that even children can understand it with excitement in their hearts. Also presents a clear presentation of Bible baptism and communion.

Baptist Patriots and the American Revolution

Baptist Patriots and the American RevolutionWilliam Cathcart

108 pages – Paperback

Item # 851

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Price: $5.00

The Baptists of colonial America were men of iron, purified in the forge of adversity, and formed on the anvil of persecution. Thus, when the greatest danger threatened the nation, they sprang into action. Colonel Joab Houghton received news at Sunday worship of the British attack on Concord and Lexington. After the service, he addressed the people of Hopewell Baptist Church outside as they were about to disperse. Having told of the cowardly murder at Lexington by royal troops and the heroic counterattack that followed, he paused, then spoke with gravity: “Men of New Jersey, the red coats are murdering our brethren of New England! Who follows me to Boston?” At once, every man present shouted “I!” and stepped out into line! That quiet Sabbath bore witness that there was not a single coward or traitor among the Baptist men of Hopewell.

Trials and Sufferings

Trials and SufferingsJ. R. Graves

215 pages – Paperback

Item # 837

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Price: $5.00

Baptists that came to America for religious freedom did not initially find it here. They were persecuted severely because they did not believe in infant baptism; because they did believe in baptism by immersion; and because they stood for the Truth of the Word of God.

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